Zoe 3 Seater Sofa

Designer: Bolia, Family: Zoe, Dimension: W265 x D105 x H42/73 cm




Designer: Metrica Design Studio
Brand: Bolia
Family: Zoe
Dimension: W265 x D105 x H42/73 cm

Zoe is an innovative, carefully crafted and exclusive lounge sofa from the world-renowned Metrica design studio. Its sleek lines and exacting design strike a perfect balance between inviting comfort and high quality. The Zoe sofa series is subtle yet spacious. Wide and soft armrests, generous proportions, well-positioned stitching and attentive design from head to toe ensure that Zoe is both aesthetic and comfortable. The comfort is a product of precision-cut cold foam and ample padding, which also wraps around the sofa’s solid wood base for an elegant look.