Lauki Storage (Fast Delivery)

For the design of the Kai collection we have worked with the prestigious French designer Jean Louis Iratzoki. Together we have created a system that is characterised by a harmonious blend of solid wood and different materials such as coloured lacquer, felt and even marble. *Pre-order Lead Time: 4 months


Designer: Ibon Arrizabalaga
Brand: Treku  
Dimension: W128 x D45 x H108cm 
Material: Light Oak Solid Wood   
Colour: Wood/Salmon/Aquamarine

The aesthetic subtlety of this collection draws you to it and invites you to touch and contemplate it. A thin half-centimeter frame envelopes the entire piece, outlining the push-to-open drawers that lend a touch of imagination and resolution to a design that is easy to admire yet difficult to materalise. The Lauki collection is made up of multiple boxes that can be arranged on the floor, piled on top of one another or hung from the wall. Moreover, these boxes are available in a wide range of different measurements, finishes and functions (drawers, doors, open modules, etc.), thus enabling you to create an endless variety of configurations to suit any room. For example, the same module can be used as a bedside table or an office drawer unit. 

* Pre-order Lead Time: 4 Months+